IJ-Hallen Tips!

A clear list of our best tips, to get well prepared and get the most out of your market!

Tip 1: Start organizing and selecting items you want to sell on time.
A good preparation saves a lot of time! Organize your items well to build up your stall in no time. Use our checklist (tip 18). 

Tip 2: Tell people around you when you will be at the Ijhallen.
Who knows, your friends might have things for you to sell as well! The more items you have, the higher your odds for a great profit. Provided that you expose your items nicely of course, see tip 3. 

Tip 3: Make your stall well-organized.
Big piles generally don't tempt people to take a closer look. Well-organized items or hanging clothes, on the other hand, do! Very handy: put items in the back of your stall on a higher platform. For example, this could be on top of the boxes you use for transportation. Also, for 2 euros you can rent a small shelf to put on top of your stall so you can hang your items. 

Tip 4: Decorate your stall.
A nicely looking stall invites people to come to you. A nice cloth, imitation flowers, funny banners or whatsoever will all help you! There are 749 (!) other stalls at Ijhallen so it is worth the effort to make yours extra attractive for potential customers! 

Tip 5: Be on time.
People that pass your stall while you are still building it up usually don't return to take a look at your items. Without a doubt, this is a missed chance so be there. 

Tip 6: Keep an eye on the cheeky traders.
Early birds are allowed at 6.15 a.m. to enter the market, for which they pay extra fees. These early birds, mostly traders, are a bit more sophisticated and slick than the general visitors coming at 9.00 a.m. Don't get overwhelmed by them while still unpacking your items. Stay polite but be clear to them. 

Tip 7: Smile
Never underestimate the power of someone liking you! Make small talk, give people compliments, or tell a silly joke. It will not hurt but will only make your day much more fun.

Tip 8: People bargain, bear that in mind.
A flea market wouldn’t be a flea market if people wouldn’t bargain, which is also part of the fun. Don’t get bothered by the people that want the best for less but try your best to come to a sharp price together. If you would like a specific price for one item, it will be useful to start of with a somewhat higher price. By doing so you give yourself some space to negotiate and you still get what you aim for. Customers will be happy and so will you! Bargaining is a sport, be elegant!

Tip 9: Get inspired.
At IJ-hallen’s Facebook page you can find nice stories and many pictures of previous markets. Try to profit from this! Check out how others decorate their stalls and think of something original to add onto this. You’d better steal something very smartly from others than come up with a silly plan by yourself (as we say in Dutch).

Tip 10: Set prices? Walk around a bit.
What will be the right price for your items? This can be difficult to estimate. There is a big chance you are not the only one selling specific items. Walk around a little bit to set your prices. As the day passes by you can always lower them.

Tip 11: Start on time to save change.
There will always be people that just took money at the ATM and want to buy a 1-euro item with a 20-euro bill. So, bring enough change! For example, go shopping and pay with bigger bills, so you will receive smaller ones and coins. Keep this separately and bring this to the market.

Tip 12: Make sure to bring some bags.
Who doesn’t have one of those plastic bags with other ones kept in it? Bring this bag to the market! This will be useful for customers that already stuffed their own bags.

Tip 13: Standing one full day feels like a long time.
Bring a chair or small stool (one you don’t want to sell) to make it bearable. Also, you can rent a chair at the IJ-hallen for 2 euros per day.

Tip 14: Advertise yourself.
Use social media (pictures/videos) and invite Facebook friends. There is a big chance they will buy something from you. And of course, it is really nice if they come by your stall!

Tip 15: Keep the weather in mind.
Watch the weather forecast carefully to prepare yourself: a warm sweater + warm jug + snowboots + sunscreen + layered clothing + parasol! In case it will rain and you have your stall outside please make sure to have enough storage or a cover on your stall and an umbrella or raincoat for yourself.

Tip 16: Watch out for pickpockets.
We cannot say this too many times, unfortunately.

Tip 17: Donate your unsold clothing to charity.
You do not feel like taking back your unsold clothing? All soft items (clothing, bedsheets, duvets, stuffed animals etc.) can be donated at specific collecting containers. Members of the Roteryclub Wieringermeer are organizing this collection. All things they collect will be distributed by them to various charities, 1 on 1. You can ask the volunteers to which charity it will go when you donate your belongings! Moreover, please leave your stall as you have found it. Costs we have to make to clear up the halls/event will be taken from the money that goes to charity.

Tip 18: Make a checklist.
Below follows an example:
- Plastic (or other material) bags to give to customers
- Money for change
- Moneybelt e.g. to store your money safely and organized
- Marker (to write banners)
- Signs
- Decorations for your stall: the crazier, the better
- Robe (to hang some items)
- Scissors
- Tie-wrap
- Chair
- Charged phone
- Mirror
- Occasionally: cover (a strong one) in case of bad weather