How can I book a stand?
By making a booking via the website. Everyone will be placed in the order the bookings come in until we are fully booked. You can place yourself on the stand-by list by clicking on fully booked. Bookings that come in via email will not be processed.

When can I book a stand for a specific market?
You can book a stand up to two markets ahead at midnight of the last market at

Can I cancel a booking?
This is not possible unfortunately, since it would be too easy to book and then cancel a booking.
However, you are allowed to rent out your stand to someone else on the IJ-Hallen Facebook page.

Can I park my car behind the stand on the Outside Market? And where will my stand be?
Yes, you can park your car behind your own stand and your place will be determined in order of arrival.

How can I place myself on the stand-by list?
By clicking on fully booked, entering your information and by stating your preference.

What are the costs for renting a stand?
A regular stand of 4 meters by 1,10 meters costs € 31,00 and a corner stand costs € 38,00 per day. See here

Do I have to book two days?
No, you do not have to. You can also book just one day.

Can I always take the car inside?
You cannot take the car inside Hall 2.

When are the next markets?
View them in the Calendar.