Market Regulations

  1. The merchant has to be able to identify him or herself with a passport or a valid driver’s license when asked by the market organization or authorities.
  2. The hall will be available to merchants from 7.00 AM. The time to set up is from 6.30 till 9.00 hours. You can clear out from 16.30 till 17.30 hours. On Friday night the set up is from 17.00 tot 20.00 hours for indoor markets. If a merchant has not set up his or her stand before 9.00h he or she will lose his or her right to the stand on that day and is not eligible for a restitution of the booking fee. The market organization can then rent out the stand to another person.
  3. Any and all regulations by the market organization, government, fire department and the police need to be strictly followed. The merchant wares may not be put in front of the stands. Corner stands may not be widened or extended. The pathways, emergency exits and fire hose reels need to remain free of any obstacles.
  4. The hall is opened for the general public from 9.00 till 16.30h. After opening to the public, no more wares may be brought inside.
  5. Selling illegal CDs, DVDs, weapons, drinks, drugs, pornography, food or fake clothes is prohibited.
  6. Any and all risks involving the use of the stand, including the consequences of visible and invisible defects, and the associated exploitation are for the account of the merchant. The market organization is not responsible for damages to persons and/or wares that are located on the stands, in or outside the market complex, no matter what the cause is. This includes fire, theft, wind and water damage. Any damages done or caused by the merchant will be for his or her own account.
  7. Advertisements, propaganda or the distribution of advertising material for businesses, associations, political organizations etc. is prohibited.
  8. The management can and may direct merchants to other stands, halls or places if he or she deems this necessary.
  9. Merchants who do not uphold the above mentioned regulations will be removed from the market complex by the organization and will lose their right to the restitution of the booking fee.
  10. The merchant is only registered after payment and after the merchant card has been received. If the halls have been fully booked in the meanwhile, you will be timely informed.
  11. Cancellation is no longer possible after you have placed a booking. The reason for this is that it would be too easy to book a stand and then cancel the booking. However, you are allowed to rent out your stand to someone else on TicketSwap. We advise not to do this on Marktplaats or Facebook due to the lack of control against scammers.
  12. The hall is not heated. Lighting candles and smoking are prohibited, because of the risk of fire.
  13. Selling homemade goods, new goods and wholesales are not allowed.